Authors Row 2k18

April 21, 2018

BY LaTangela Sherman

WOW! Authors Row 2018 was such a delight.

To see so many authors from around the state of Louisiana display their contributions was truly amazing. Thank you to the Jones Creek Library for the invite to be a part of the festivities. Sharing my testimony of "A To Z, Lord, Let It Define Me" today with old and new friends was a highlight for me. I was able to meet other authors and also had the opportunity to ask them the story behind their stories. You would be amazed to hear how inspiration to inspire came about. Soon and very soon we will hear from other featured authors in a one on one interview on their books, the process and through it all their ability to display the Power Over Obstacles Forever.

 *If you or an author you know would like to be featured on #TanTalk contact

LaTangela Sherman